Why Edtechlabs? 

Edtechlabs was founded in 2014 with a mission to create skilled software engineers for our country and the world. We aim to bridge the gap between the quality of skills demanded by industry and the quality of skills imparted by conventional institutes.

Logic Building

Coding in its most essential form is nothing but problem solving. It deals with figuring out logical solutions and implementing them optimally. The process of learning to code, transforms a person into an analytical thinker with strong mathematical and logical skills.

Career Transformation

Having been a standalone field for a long time, the software industry has now come neck to neck with most of the other industries by close coordination and easy integration. From the smallest light bulb to the most massive aircrafts, every industry is now implementing the use of computer programming for the convenience of the end user. A good command over coding can thus open a wide variety of employment opportunities.

Global Impact

Computer programming these days is also being used to address some of the biggest issues that humankind is facing with like climate change, healthcare, education and many more. More than being a developer or a designer, knowledge of coding can also help you become the harbinger of the change that you want to see.

How Edtechlabs Will Help?

Code 4 Kids

Courses & Bootcamps

In total, we provide over 20 different courses across categories and methodologies to students. These courses comprise the most relevant subjects and technologies that are being used in the industry these days. We boast of having the most comprehensive topic coverage, and of constantly updating with the rapidly changing times.

Online Courses

Hands-on Learning

In addition to theoretical teaching, we also offer hands-on experience to all our students. Every course has hackathons included in the course structure itself, so the student can develop from himself, and do while he learns.

Code 4 Kids

Age No Bar

All our courses are designed only on the basis of interest and proficiency. There is no age barrier for any course. We have had school students enrol for our advanced courses as well as senior industry professionals enrol for our foundation courses.

Code 4 Kids

Competent Team

Our team of teachers, administrators and developers has a combined experience that cannot be paralleled by any competitor. We have team members who have worked at global giants like Facebook, Sony, Cyanogen, Directi, American Express, Barclays and many more. With such a large amount of national and international experience, we promise only the best for our students, and nothing else.

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